Defining local

The average food product will travel well over 1000 miles before reaching the table. In addition to the obvious pollution caused by such transport, other downfalls include increased pesticide/preservative use and decreased taste in produce.
The 100 Mile Diet has gained popularity in recent years, abdicating food from within a 100 mile radius of where ever you call home. Their website offers a tool that will calculate the area for you, which is where this map originated.
Since we'll be arriving midwinter, we won't have garden goods available for some months, so in the meantime, we'll be getting to know the local food scene. I'm psyched that Eureka/Arcata and Santa Rosa fall within our circle, although I wonder if places like Redding really count, since transportation lines would actually be much farther than 100 miles-but enough with the nitty gritty for now.

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