Wrapping up the first year...

I've been out interviewing local farmers and community organizers, composters, teachers, and business people for my project on sustainability in Mendocino.

The garden is put to bed--mostly-- onions and garlic are taking up about half the veggie garden, hopefully they'll wait until I get back. I have a bit more pruning to do, and the lavender, rosa rugosa and elderberry starts are still chugging along in the greenhouse.

I'm off for another semester in Flag, so nothing new for a while here.Even as we're getting ready for 20 degree nights, the flowers are still blooming, actually there are rose buds in our yard right now. Still so beautiful and green.



The Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA


We made a solar dehydrator, roughly framed by instructions from the web in an attempt to process the onslaught of tomatoes. I might almost be ready to admit that I planted a few too many. These Wapsi peaches are in the shady back yard, and they're way behind the ones in the veggie garden, thankfully.




laying out the garden
moving dirt and rocks

early veggie starts


We got the deck started before the snow got here, but we're still getting in and out with a ladder.
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